Monday, August 9, 2010

Instant Steps To Elevate Your Energy Level And Stay Motivated

Are you constantly tired and listless? You feel exhausted at the thought of things in your to-do list? Looking for a way to overcome fatigue and loss of energy? What are your first thoughts of the day when the alarm goes off? Do you smile and bounce out of bed? Or do you sigh and wish you could have a couple of hours under the duvet? You feel so overwhelmed that it is easier to close the front of the television instead of acting? How many times have you put something for tomorrow and tomorrow never comes?

Would you know how to deal with low energy levels? Would you like more energy? Imagine what it would feel to wake up feeling totally refreshed and energized in the morning and keep that feeling all day? Let me show you how to easily increase their natural energy and to maintain that feeling every day.

Step 1

One of the first principles to create more energy is to understand that you get what you focus on life. So if you're Constantly focusing on how tired she is and how little energy is then guess what? This is how you are feeling. The thoughts you have and the language used to create your own sense of well being. Be aware of the thoughts that you have so you can change anyone takes him down. For example, instead of continues: "I'm so tired," fit in "I'm charging. Even people with lots of energy must take the time to recharge your batteries.

Step 2

Knowing what you want in life. Now I know that most people know what you do not want what is great and a good starting point, but still focus on what you do not want is what will appear. From now on I want to imagine how you feel. How do you know when you're full of energy? What will you do differently? What is your day? Begin to imagine what it feels full of energy and continue with your daily activities with a renewed sense of purpose and unity. I'm sure I can remember a time when there was a lot of energy, even if it was in your childhood!

Step 3 - What drains your energy?

Now it's time to think about what you tolerate, what you put in - which drainage, prevent him from having more time and energy.

1. Make a list of all the things you've started and not finished. The incomplete in your life. This list of tasks you have all day.

2. Make a list of things you are tolerating at home

3. Make a list of things you are tolerating at work

Do not hold back. Clutterring captures everything your mind and with the space in your head.

Step 4 - Increase your energy level

Increase your energy level to prepare for action. There are three basic principles: -

• We are all creatures or anything

• loss of energy in your psyche incomplete

• Terminations energize

Look at the list of incomplete ... .. How important are these things?

Giving everyone a note of High, Medium or Low.

What difference would it make if you did complete?

What difference would it be?

Maybe you have a high level that if you dropped a bit to say that some elements of the list disappear?

Depending on the Cross at least one of its incomplete list ... Do it now! Is not that feel better.

Along with incomplete priority: -

Should do (what are those identified as important and make a big difference)

Where do (not very important)


Now commit to completing at least one of these days everyone!


Three ways to do anything.

• It is a snap!

• Allow time to complete

• Full report

See how easy it is to take action once they are committed and put your mind to it!

At the end of these steps back to step 1 and its initial target to feel full of energy. How do you feel now that you have completed certain tasks and have a plan to complete the rest? Ask your energy level has increased? Have you reached your goal to get more energy? If so, do not forget to celebrate these too. How do you reward? This will also help with your motivation and keep playing when the obstacles in your way.

Otherwise, what else should consider increasing your energy level? Diet and exercise play an important role in providing up and go bad, then maybe you need to review your daily habits. Need to relax and take care of you more often. I cover these issues in more detail in my blog which can be accessed via the link below.

Enjoy the process of life!

Jones Noelyne